In 2010, I thought that it was time for Hudson to have a Pride Parade – Catskill organized one the year before and I did not think that Hudson should be outdone.

I called a meeting, we set up committees, and started working on the parade.

About a week before we were ready to have the parade, we learned that the Hudson High School chose two best (male) friends to be Prom King and Queen.

The story went global quickly, and both were the Grand Marshals in the Parade!

Since then, I’ve been organizing and raising money for the Pride Parade every year and organizing other LGBT events throughout the years.

In 2016, a new organization was formed, Out Hudson.  Out Hudson now organizes the Pride Parade and other LGBT events, such as Day on the Farm,  Queer Family Brunch, and Drag Queen Story Hour at the Hudson Area Library.