What is an Alderman?

There are five wards within the City of Hudson; each ward has TWO Aldermen on the City of Hudson’s Common Council.  The Common Council meets throughout the month and votes on issues within the City of Hudson.  The two Aldermen of the Fourth Ward are myself and John Rosenthal.

Your Alderman is your direct representative to City government.   Similar to Congress on the Federal level, the City’s Common Council of ten Alderman and one Common Council President, debates and votes on city legislation which is then put forward to the Mayor.

All are welcome to attend Common Council meetings and specific committee meetings at City Hall.

An example of city-related topics are:

  • Garbage and Sewage
  • Police and Fire Department
  • City Budget / Property Taxes
  • Department of Public Works issues – street repairs, signage, sidewalks, snow removal, etc.
  • Historic Preservation, Zoning
  • Youth and Senior activities
  • And more!

If you have a city-related issue, you can contact your Alderman and let them know your concern.  To contact me, please see my Contact page on this website.

For a listing of all City Officials, please click here.

The City Aldermen are different than the County Supervisor.  The County Supervisor represents the Fourth Ward on the Columbia County level.  Our current Fourth Ward County Supervisor is Linda Mussmann.