Professional Career

In 1993, the PBS program that I was working on was cancelled, and I needed a job.

I went to a temp agency that told me to go down to 222 Broadway to Barclays Swaps & Options and fill in for the receptionist for three days, $7.50/hour, and three days turned into a twenty plus year career.

I worked at Barclays for five years, in their derivatives back office area, eventually in their cash reconcilement area – manually reconciling cash payments and settlements, with paper and pencil!

In 1998, I was hired by SmartStream Technologies to implement reconciliation systems for banks and other large financial institutions that did stock trading and cash movement.  The system I implemented would keep track of cash and stock movement in various accounts – making sure that what should have happened actually happened.  It was very detailed-oriented, and often intense work.  I travelled throughout the US and Canada implementing reconciliation software, and project managing teams of people.

This job required the following skills:

  • Feed and data analysis
  • Business analysis
    • Understanding their daily workflow
    • Matching logic, including Rules logic
    • Creating relational database tables
    • Creating the User Interface
    • Working with users in Report Creation
  • Implementation of the software itself
  • Managing User Acceptance testing
  • Maintaining Issues Logs
  • Project Management – updating project management software
  • Budgeted vs Actual cost comparisons
  • Training users
  • Documentation of procedures.

Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile for a comprehensive list of institutions where I have consulted.

In 2014, I was asked by a small Ireland-based compliance software company to set up a customer support and implementation center in Hudson.   I set up an office, hired staff, and now there are five individuals in Hudson (all Hudson residents), who have professional jobs with an excellent benefit package.