General Election & Early/Absentee Voting

Q: Trixie, when is the General Election this year?  Where do I vote?  

A: The General Election for 2019 is Tuesday, November 5th.  Fourth Ward residents vote at the Board of Elections building at 401 State St.

Q: Trixie, Are you on the ballot?

A: YES!  Vote for me!

Q:  Trixie, I’m not going to be here on Tuesday, November 5th.  What can I do?  

A:  You can either participate in Early Voting or request an Absentee Ballot.


In-person Early Voting is available this year in New York State!

Early Voting in Hudson takes place at 401 State Street – the same place where Hudson’s 4th Ward residents regularly vote.

Dates for Early Voting are:

Sat Oct 26: 9am-2pm
Sun Oct 27: Noon-5pm
Mon Oct 28: 9am-5pm
Tues Oct 29: Noon-8pm
Wed Oct 30: Noon-8pm
Thurs Oct 31: 9am-5pm
Fri Nov 1: 9am-5pm
Sat Nov 2: 9am-2pm
Sun Nov 3: 9am-2pm

Here’s a copy of the sample 4th Ward Ballot.  Click on the link

If you are going to be away during this time, and would like to vote Absentee, here are the instructions:

VIA MAIL: If you are going to be away and want to vote Absentee, you can request an Absentee ballot.  You must fill out the Absentee ballot form, see below, and mail it in, within a timely manner, before the General Election date of November 5.

Here’s the Absentee Ballot LINK. Click on the Link

IN PERSON:  Voters can stop in at any time (M-F, 8-4) to apply for Absentee Ballot at 401 State Street.  If the ballots are available, you can vote right then and there.