Frequently Asked Questions

In conversations with individuals within the Fourth Ward, these are questions that would be asked, frequently:

What can the City do about the schools?  

The City of Hudson school system is run by the Board of Education, not the Common Council.   For more information, please visit the Board Of Education website.

What is the difference between County Supervisor and Alderman?

The City of Hudson is divided into five wards.  Each ward elects two Alderman who sit on the Common Council, and discuss/votes city-related issues AND each ward elects one County Supervisor who sits on the County Board of Supervisors and discusses/votes on County-related issues.

For instance, a bus route from Warren Street to stores on Fairview  would be a county issue, not a city issue, since the bus would ride outside city limits.  (See USEFUL LINKS on the side for the bus routes.)

The County Supervisor for the Fourth Ward is Linda Mussmann.  The other Alderman for the Fourth Ward,  who serves along with me on the City’s Common Council, is John Rosenthal.