First Year Accomplishments

Hello Fourth Ward!

After a little over one year of being Alderman for the 4th Ward of the City of Hudson, I have decided to run again. I am currently walking around the Ward asking people to sign my petition to be placed on the ballot.

The Primary this year is early – June 25th!  

Please mark your calendars. Thank you.

I would like to outline the following accomplishments over the past year:

  • Chair of Economic Development Committee and Tourism Board
  • Member of DPW, Legal, and Finance Committees – 5 committees/boards total
  • Completed Clean Energies Communities Grant – City to receive $35K for solar panels to offset city lighting, and LED lightbulbs for residents
  • Passed a law to increase the fine to $250 for persons leaving their pet in a car in extreme weather conditions
  • Received Bike Fix-it Station grant for Bike Trail, $1,200
  • Currently working on electric car charger grants (3 units, 6 chargers) from NYSERDA/National Grid at no cost to City. To be installed, hopefully this spring.
  • Currently working on a plan for the City purchase its power from a solar farm in Greenport. Contract negotiations currently
  • Vetted and staffed Tourism Board members for Common Council
  • Negotiated Cable franchise agreement between Mid-Hudson Cable and City
  • Attended Solar and Recycling conferences and seminars in Hyde Park and Cooperstown. Liaised with other government officials outside of Hudson and have a much better understanding of issues, grant-writing processes with personal contacts and resources available.
  • Brought parties together to fine-tooth comb the Vacancy Law and made appropriate changes after discrepancies in law were found. Raised the vacancy fee to $1,000 the first year and an additional $1,000 every subsequent year until 5 years/$5,000 max. Raised the issue with media when only one property was listed on vacancy list after several months of law passed. Now, several units are listed, adding to city revenue.
  • Submitted monthly minutes for the year for both Economic Dev and Tourism Board (except one month of Tourism board in Aug).
  • Raised the issue regarding the demolition of 6 Lucille Dr. Emailed BOE to fund demolition. The demolition funding was taken out of the budget, however this building is a nuisance. The building will now be bought, demolished, and another structure built, adding to tax base – with no city funds for demolition.
  • Created Friends of the Cemetery Group to ultimately offset the costs of Cemetery maintenance.
  • Maintained website/blog
  • Liaison between Airbnb hosts and Operation Unite for toy drive during holidays. Over a dozen gifts, including a bunk bed, was donated to city youth by Airbnb hosts.
  • Project Manager for City’s first Polar Plunge, announcer for second Polar Plunge.

Other Community-related activities

  • Organized the first Flag Day/Pride cross-participation. Pride contingent marched in Flag Day and a Flag Day Contingent marched in Pride
  • Organized Pride Parade and various LGBT events, socials, throughout the year
  • Current cookie-sale contributions to Bernie Sanders campaign (raised the maximum contribution, $2700, in 2016)

What would I like to accomplish next term?

  • Composting Program
  • Continuation on the Climate Action Items for the City, to help the City apply for more funding
  • Continuation of Cemetery project – Historical designation status/ fix fence / events and fund raisers
  • Fourth Ward Block Party
  • Apply for more grants on behalf of the City of Hudson

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