6 Lucille Drive Demolition

Back in November 2018, I was asked about the status of 6 Lucille Drive by one of the residents of the street. This building is an eye-sore and a potential hazard. The roof is caving in, and it is open to the weather.

I immediately emailed the supervisor of DPW and the Chair of the DPW Committee. I learned that the funding resources to demolish the city-owned structure had not been available.

I emailed the Mayor and the others of the BOE, the Board responsible for the City’s budget. The Mayor then put together a resolution authorizing $15,000 for the demolition. This was passed by the Common Council in December.

The demolition of 6 Lucille Drive is due to take place within the next month or two, after the DPW department deals with winter storm-related activity.

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