BINGO and Snowpersons at the Hudson Firefighter’s Home

 On Sunday, December 16, 2018, myself, 4th Ward resident, Jennifer Belton, Peter and Robin Merante attended the FASNY Firefighter’s home for some BINGO and cookies.  Snow costumes donated by the Salvation Army.

I called FASNY and asked them “What do the residents need for the holidays?”  I was told that most would be happy with a hand-signed holiday card, and some BINGO and cookies.

I called my BINGO friends, Peter and Robin Merante, who were more than happy to help out.

I ordered firefighter-themed holiday cards for each resident.  All were signed by the ‘Hudson Elves’.

We played BINGO with the residents who won cookies and scratch-off tickets as prizes.  Scratch-off tickets were donated by Jes Cunningham Kastner and her cleaning company, Clean Images.

Says Peter Merante, “We had a really good time with the residents, and hope to do it again next year.”


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