Hot Pet in Car Law

This past summer, there was an incident where someone left their dog in a hot parked car, over 90 degrees, in the sun, windows up.  There have also been incidents in Hudson where dogs have died.

Police in the City receive dozens of calls on this issue every year.

I learned that the City does not have a law on the books, however, we defer to the New York State AG & Markets law.  The person who leaves an animal in such extreme conditions (extreme hot or freezing temperatures) will receive a fine of between $50-100.

I did not think that this was a sufficient fine.   It is not right that an animal should suffer so much and that the fine only be $50.

I asked the Legal Committee to draft a law that would raise the fine to $250.  The second offense is $500.  The City law would be very similar to the NYS law, however the fine would be higher.

Update: 10/25/18

Last night, the Legal Committee decided to move forward with this legislation and it will be presented to the Common Council.

Once passed, I plan to do an educational campaign in Hudson regarding the new law.

Update: 12/22/18

This law was passed by the Common Council.  I hope that this law can help raise awareness that animals cannot be left in a vehicle in extreme temperature conditions.

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