February 2018

On behalf of the City of Hudson Fire Department Water Rescue Team and the Hudson Youth Department, we would like to thank you for all your support organizing our first Hudson Polar Plunge. People like you make us proud to be part of this community!


It’s been a fun month here on Common Council.  Here are a few of the highlights from February:

Organizing events is what I do; logistics, publicity and promotion.

Back late fall, I was asked to help out with the Hudson Polar Plunge, and I gladly said YES.    I worked with 5th Ward Alderman Dominic Merante, Nick Zachos from the Hudson Youth department, and Justin Elliot, Dan Hickey and Nick Cozzolino from the Hudson Volunteer Firefighters Water Rescue team and Mike Molinski.   In total, we were able to raise about $12,000 for the Hudson Youth/Oakdale and Water Rescue.  It was great working with these guys!

The event was a lot of fun, raised a lot of money, and brought together many different parts of the Hudson community.  The weather was perfect, and we are looking forward to next year!


Girgantua (Justin Weaver) stole the show!

photo credit:  Zach Neven Photography

Tourism Board

The new Hudson Tourism Board is moving forward.  Last year, the Common Council passed a new Lodging  Tax –  4% of all Lodging Sales – Hotels, B&Bs and AirBnBs.   From the total tax collected, half of it (up to $250,000) will be spent to help market the City for tourism.  The rest of the funds will go into the General Fund to help pay for basic City-related costs and services.

As Chair of the Economic Development Committee, I will also be the Chair of the new Tourism Board.  The Tourism Board will have nine members – four chosen by the Mayor, and four chosen by the Common Council.   The new board is still in the works, and I will keep you up-to-date here.

Stewart’s Proposal

At the last Economic Development Committee meeting, we met with the management from Stewart’s, regarding their proposal for the Green Street/Fairview location.  After that meeting, the following week, 5th Ward Alderwoman Eileen Halloran and myself met with Craig Haig of Code Enforcement.  At this point, we are still determining the next steps for this proposal and if it will remain as a decision within the Economic Development committee.

Clean Energy Community

The City of Hudson, like any community within NYS, can apply for government grants as long as it meets four out of the ten High Impact task requirements.   Last year, Hudson completed two tasks. However, if the City does not finish two more tasks soon, there may not be any funds left.  Funds run out as other communities complete the tasks, and qualify for the grants.  Recently, nearby Hillsdale completed these tasks.

Grant money that is available can be used for energy conservation or renewable energy projects.  I met with the consultant from the state who works with communities on these projects. I’m hoping to complete the remaining two tasks (one of which requires passing a Unified Solar Panel Permit resolution) so that the City qualifies for grant funding.

A Tree Grows on State Street

I write this on a wintery day, but spring is right around the corner!  Are you interested in having a tree in front of your house?

The City of Hudson’s CAC, or Conservation Advisory Council will provide a tree and the Department of Public works will cut out the hole to be planted.  For more information, please visit this link.

Gareth Rhodes Meet & Greet

For those interested in meeting a Congressional Candidates for CD-19 in New York, Gareth Rhodes is having a meet and greet on  March 16th

Meet Gareth Rhodes, Democratic Congressional Candidate (NY-19)
When: Friday, March 16th at 6:00PM-8:00PM
Where: Terenchin Fine Art, 339 Warren St. Hudson, NY
RSVP: events@garethrhodes.com