January 2018

Hello Readers!

My goal for this website is to give you monthly updates of City of Hudson issues and issues that affect Hudson’s Fourth Ward.

Hudson Polar Plunge

I am very happy to be one of the main organizers of the Hudson Polar Plunge, coming to the City on Sat, Feb. 24 at noon at Oakdale Beach.  Funds from the event will go towards the Hudson Youth Center/Oakdale and the City’s Volunteer Fire Department.  For more information, or how you can donate or register, please visit:  www.HudsonPolarPlunge.com

Preserving Community Character

At the first 2018 formal Common Council meeting, the Council voted unanimously in favor of new legislation that would prohibit chain establishments  (stores, restaurants, etc) from opening within the City of Hudson.  This resolution (CLICK HERE to read it) was created in the past year(s) for a vote in Jan 2018.  The resolution will prohibit a chain business (defined as four or more similar locations, such as Starbucks, the Gap, etc), from opening in Hudson.  The goal is to help preserve the character of the community and support locally-owned businesses.


Much of the work and discussions prior to Common Council meetings happens within committees.  I sit on the five committees below, and serve as Chair for Economic Development.  For a full calendar of Committee meetings, please check out the City website.  All committee meetings are held at City Hall and are open to the public.

  • Economic Development  – Chairperson
  • Finance
  • DPW and Parks
  • Youth, Seniors, Education, and Recreation
  • Legal

Stewart’s Expansion

As Chair of the Economic Development Committee, one of the major issues presented to the committee is the expansion of the Stewart’s store on the corner of Greene and Fairview.   If you would like to see the plans for the expansion, please click here.  The committee had its first meeting this past month, and we decided to give ourselves more time to review the proposal.  At the next committee meeting, we will decide next steps.

Clean Energy Community

The Economic Development Committee, with myself as Chair, will continue working on Hudson’s designation as a Clean Energy Community by NYSERDA.  Once the City completes the required tasks, it is then eligible for additional grants and funding.  More about this program can be found at this link.

Sewage pipes on Short Street!

Do you remember all that construction on Short Street last year?  Well, here’s the result!   The sewage pipes were upgraded from 4 inch pipes to 8 inch pipes.  This is part of a long-term project to replace main sewage lines above Short Street –  these pipes needed to be replaced first.

Dog Park

December 2017 (prior many new members of Common Council, including myself), the former Common Council voted on a resolution recommending that a dog park not be constructed in Charles William Park.  This resolution was vetoed by the former Mayor.

I’ve since learned that the Mayor, not the Common Council, has jurisdiction over the parks.


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